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DNA banking allows you to leave your genetic information in a high security laboratory, ready for you to access the information whenever you need. Our DNA banking service starts from $199 with results in 5 working days.

Science behind the test

The extraction of a DNA profile is done through a method for copying DNA molecules known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction). It is a method which allows scientists to generate and amplify thousands of copies of DNA from just a single DNA molecule. The term “polymerase” comes from the type of enzyme used to copy the DNA molecule. Each stage of the laboratory replication procedure doubles the number of DNA molecules which means thanks to PCR, even the smallest DNA sample can be used for analysis.

Sample Collection

Sample collection is via the mouth swabs that we provide you with. We will send out a kit directly to the person in charge of collecting the DNA samples. Kits will contain the required number of swabs, forms and a pre-addressed envelope to return your samples. Mouth swabs needs to be rubbed inside the mouth and under the tongue in order to collect the DNA samples.

Note: you will need to a third party professional, known as a sampler, to collect the sample for you. Samples will need to be collected following a special sample collection procedure which is called a “chain of custody”.

Chain of Custody DNA Storage

With DNA banking, Who’zTheDaddy? actually stores your DNA sample in optimal conditions and in a secure environment. Your DNA will be stored for 15 years in the laboratory. Once the 15 years are up, you can send in a fresh sample for storage.

Clients will receive a DNA banking certificate stating the storage period, their name and case number. The certificate will highlight the people who will have access to the sample and other relevant information. We offer this service starting from $199 per sample stored.

Chain of custody DNA storage and Profiling

We offer DNA banking with DNA profiling. With this test we offer the full chain of custody banking service but we will also take your DNA sample and using advanced DNA amplification and replication methods, we will provide you with your 16 genetic marker profile. Besides having your DNA banking certificate, your DNA profile is a permanent ID which ideal in cases that may require identification. We offer this service for $369 per sample.


Can I be sure my DNA is actually viable for testing?

When you send us your DNA sample, we do not just store it! We first ensure that there is enough viable DNA. Once we have confirmed there is enough DNA, we can store your DNA.

Why would I use DNA banking?

DNA banking can serve as a means of protection for individuals, allowing individuals to know that their DNA sample is stored safely, ready to be used should the need arise. DNA banking can:

  • Help protect from illegitimate claims on the estate of a deceased.
  • Help identify the body of people in high risk professions by allowing concerned parties to have access to a DNA profile for comparison.
  • To assist in the identification of a missing person (in some cases, a body might be found which cannot be conclusively identified without a DNA profiling).

Can I just have my DNA profile extracted?

Yes, you can also choose to have your 16 genetic DNA profile without DNA banking. Click here to read more about DNA profiles.

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