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Who’zTheDaddy?™ offer legal DNA testing services with court admissible results. Legal DNA test results can be used in court cases to provide evidence of a biological relationship between alleged relatives such as siblings, grandparents and grandchildren and alleged father and child. Results for legal testing are ready and emailed in just 4 working days.

Science behind the test

In legal DNA testing we first extract the DNA and them amplify it using a technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a piece of DNA. The technology is known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and is the technology used in all relationship tests including paternity and maternity. Once we have made copies of the DNA , we can compare the DNA profiles of the people tested to confirm whether the genetic markers match or not.

When would I use a legal DNA test?

In most cases, Who’zTheDaddy?™ carries out legal paternity testing although legal sibling tests and maternity tests are also fairly common. Results for legal paternity testing are used as proof of relationship between the alleged father and child. Such proof can help in the following scenarios:

• Registering the biological father on a birth certificate
• Changing the name of the child’s birth certificate
• Alimony / child support payments
• Custody and visitation disputes
• Cases of disputed/contested inheritance by unknown claimants

Sample Collection

Our legal paternity testing starts from only $399 for testing alleged father, mother and child. All samples for a legal test are collected using buccal swabs which are found inside our kit. Swabs enable a quick and painless sample collection. DNA is collected by simply rubbing the swabs in the mouth and under the tongue for around thirty seconds and then allowing to dry.

Legal DNA testing must be carried out following a certain procedure which entails a number of sequential steps. This procedure is known as a chain of custody and ensures that the results of the test are accurate, guaranteeing the absence of alteration or substitution of DNA samples.

All DNA samples must be collected by a sampler. The sampler is normally a doctor; you could ask your family GP to act as sampler or Who’zTheDaddy?™ can help you find one. You need to make an appointment with your sampler and provide us with his or her address in order for us to send the kit directly to him or her. The sampler does the following:

• Receives the kit
• Verifies the identity of all the test participants
• Collects the samples
• Fills in the necessary paper work
• Returns the samples for testing

Everybody being tested must provide a valid form of identification such as a passport or driving license. Any children under the legal age of consent will need their birth certificate as proof of identity. A signed copy of the chosen form of identification will also need to be presented to the sampler. Passport photos of every test participant will also need to be provided- it is important for these to show a full, clear face, unobstructed by any head gear or fringes. The sampler must use all identification documents as well as the passport photos to verify the identity of the people taking part in the test.

Results can be disclosed to anyone who has submitted samples for the test although it is only the nominated person who will receive them.

It is important to note that not all legal tests are court directed and lawyers, doctors or courts may not necessarily be involved.


Should I take a peace of mind test?

Legal DNA testing comes at an increased cost compared with peace of mind testing. We usually suggest a home test or peace of mind test in instances where clients have doubtsregarding paternity. To read more about peace of mind/ at home testing, click here or just contact us today for more information.

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