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A DNA genetic reconstruction test can be extremely useful in cases where the paternity of a child is thrown into doubt and it is not possible to carry out a DNA paternity test by directly testing DNA samples from the alleged father and the child. The DNA reconstruction test can be performed for just $549 and provides accuracy levels above 99%.

Reconstruction Testing Options

For a genetic reconstruction test you have two options, depending on which paternal relatives are available for testing and whether the child’s mother is available to provide a DNA sample. If you can provide a DNA sample from the child’s mother, the test will also need to include at least two DNA samples of the alleged father’s family. The sample needs to come from a closely related, biological family member such as a mother, father, a brother or a sister.

The second option is carrying out the test without the sample of the child’s mother. In this case, DNA samples need to be taken from at least three members of the father’s family in order to get an accurate match. The reason that three members of the family DNA needs to be collected is simple, it helps provide enough DNA for a strong genetic reconstruction and will show without a doubt that the alleged father contributed, or didn’t contribute, their DNA to the child being tested.

Science behind the test

Once DNA analysis is performed, the markers are compared between the mother, relatives and child to establish if the child carries the genes inherited from his or her biological father. In this test we are looking to answer the following question: “do the alleged father’s relatives share the same genetic markers that the child inherited from his or her biological father?” If the child does not share any genetic markers with their alleged father’s direct relatives, then it indicates that the alleged father is not the biological father of the child.

Sample Collection

DNA samples for this test are collected using a home kit. The kit will contain sterile mouth swabs. All you will need to do is rub the swab inside the mouth for 10 seconds. Once you are done allow the swabs to dry for an hour and place them back into the envelope provided. Just send the samples off for testing at the laboratory and receive your results in just 7 working days.


What Other Options do I Have?

The most accurate, quickest and cheapest way of establishing the paternity of a child is by directly testing the alleged father’s DNA and comparing the father’s DNA profile to the DNA profile of the child. Even in cases where the alleged father may not be available to provide a mouth swab sample for the test, you may consider carrying out the paternity testing using discrete samples. We suggest clicking here to read more information about paternity testing.

Y chromosome testing

this test is used between males to establish a common paternal line. Click here for more information.

X chromosome testing

this test is usually carried out between females to establish whether they share the same father. Click here for more information.

Avuncular Testing

this test is carried out between an aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew to determine whether they are biologically related. Click here for more information.

Grandparents testing

this test is carried out to establish whether a child’s grandparents are truly the biological grandparents of their grandchild. Both grandparents are required for the test. Click here for more information.

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