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If you have a stained garment at hand and need to find out whether the stain is actually semen or not, look no further. Who’zTheDaddy? offers an extremely precise semen detection test that will establish whether the stain is semen or not. Whilst other companies offer just a presumptive test, our 3 in 1 testing methodology includes preliminary presumptive tests and a confirmatory test to ensure unparalleled accuracy. The test is offered at $150 with results ready in 10 to 15 working days.

Note: This test does not require a kit. Once we confirm your order, you will be sent a confirmation email with a form attached. The form needs to printed, filled out and returned with your sample. Ensure to place the sample to be tested in a paper envelope. If you plan sending in more than 1 sample, contact us for a quote.

Science behind the test

Semen detection testing takes place in the following using the following 3 procedures:

The first two are what we call presumptive tests – A presumptive test determines whether a specific chemical is present in a sample. In this case we run 2 tests  – the first is called an acid phosphate test which screens for the enzyme acid phosphatase which is found in semen and vaginal fluid (this means that a positive result does not necessarily confirm the presence of semen but just indicates the fluid may be present.  The second presumptive test is the Prostate Specific Antigen test – again this antigen has been detected in vaginal fluid and thus, even a positive result is not conclusive.

Now we move on to the final test which will confirm with total accuracy whether semen is present using microscopic analysis to detect semen. Using a number of dyes, this test will confirm the presence of semen and result in different parts of the sperm cell having different colours once the dye is applied. Once we get these results, we will know with 100% accuracy whether semen has been detected or not.

Sample Collection

A potential semen stain can be found on a range of materials and surfaces. The most important thing when collecting the sample is:

  1. 1. To store the sample in a dry place and ensure the sample is dry
  2. 2. To store the sample in a paper envelope
  3. 3. Only send for testing the part of the surface that has the stain – the laboratory will not spend time examining bed linen, items of clothing etc. to locate the stained areas.


What is the difference between a semen detection test vs a DNA test?

Do you wish to take your investigation further? A semen detection test will essentially only establish whether the sample sent in contain semen by testing certain proteins which are peculiar to semen. If you want to take your test to the next level, then you can proceed with our infidelity DNA testing service. With this second option, we take the sample we used for your semen detection test, establish whether there is DNA in the sample and then proceed to extract a DNA profile of the person to which the semen belongs. If you can provide mouth swab samples for comparison, we will extract a DNA profile from the swabs and compare the profile to the first profile extracted from the semen sample – if the two profiles match – they belong to the same person. If the samples do not match, we are talking about two different male individuals.

How long do semen detection test results take?

Semen detection testing results take 10 to 15 working days.

What if I decide to use the semen sample for an infidelity DNA test?

If you choose to carry out DNA testing with the sample we used for your semen detection test, we will need 3 working days to determine whether the semen sample has enough DNA. Further to this, we require another 10 working days to compare the DNA profile from the semen sample with the profile from the swabs sent in for comparison. Click here for more information about sample collection with mouth swabs.

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