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Do you want to store your DNA at home? WhoztheDaddy offers a home DNA banking kit which is delivered right to your door. For a very affordable price you can store your DNA at home yourself and when the time comes it can be sent off for testing. our home DNA banking kit starts from just $50.

Science behind the test

Home DNA banking kits are a cheap, easy way to have peace of mind, knowing that your DNA can be stored at home should it be needed in the future. Individuals and companies whose employees work in high-risk environments would benefit from having their or their employees’ DNA stored, in case it is required for identification purposes after an incident. The DNA sample can prove of paramount importance for future identification purposes, for example if your will is contested by false claimants. A DNA test using your sample can help establish whether these claimants are truly your relatives and whether they have any legal grounds to claim your estate. In cases of missing people, if a body is found but cannot be identified, loved ones suspecting that the body could belonged to their missing loved one, can send their DNA sample for testing and comparison to DNA samples collected from the body

Sample Collection

Our Home DNA banking kit is an easy-to-use DNA sampling kit that you can use at home and store in a safe place for up to 11 years. No testing is actually carried out until the client sends the sample in. The sample is taken by the applicant in the privacy of their own home using a piece of FTA card and a lancet with very simple easy to follow instructions. The applicant just pricks his/her finger using the lancet and then collects three drops of blood on the FTA card. The FTA places the FTA card in the pouch provided, seals the pouch and it can be stored for up to 11 years. The sample needs to be kept in standard conditions, at room temperature. The DNA will not undergo any alteration if stored correctly.

Profiling & genetic fingerprinting

Should you wish, WhoztheDaddy can map your 16 marker genetic profile. Our genetic finger printing service will provide you with your personal DNA fingerprint which can be used for both legal and peace of mind purposes. Using out kit, simple collect your sample and sent it off to our laboratory for DNA extraction. You profile will be ready in 5 working days from the instant we get your samples. Read more about DNA profiles.


What is this test?

Home DNA banking kits are a cheap, easy way to have peace of mind, knowing that your DNA can be stored at home should it be needed in the future

When will the results be finished?

In about 5 working days

How much does this kit cost?

Starting price is about $39

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